An Afternoon With Crusheyes Girl – Jamie Easton

Recently, we had the absolute pleasure of spending an afternoon with one of our favorite Crusheyes girls, Jamie Easton. She is an all around life-loving, happy-go-lucky, thrill seeking, all-American girl. So while we spent our afternoon bopping around some of our favorite spots in Southern California we got to talking. We decided we wanted to give you a little inside scoop about the beautiful girl in all the photos and love her as much as we do. Between dream road trips, skydiving, inspiration, and sunnies styles this girl has quite the story. So we hope you enjoy this interview as much as we enjoyed the afternoon with Jamie —  


Where are you from? - tell us a little about yourself.

- I want to say I'm a California girl through and through, but 10 years of my life were in Idaho. That shaped who I am. An adventure seeker, a lover of people, Jesus, and all things beauty. Living there taught me that it's amazing to be unique and myself. Now married living back in southern California, I spend a lot of time at the beach, with friends, digging into beauty trends, and worship nights with those that mean the most to me!


You’re hopping in the car early in the morning, before the suns up, your favorite person in the passenger seat, headed for a road trip adventure — where are you headed and what’s the first song you’re putting on?

Let me set the scene for you. The dream would be my husband and I in a jeep wrangler, top off but heater blasting. Blink 182 is on the speakers, were heading to a beach cafe for my husband to grab an espresso and a matcha for myself. After we get our morning drinks, we head up to coast. Cruising PCH hitting all the major beach spots until we land in San Francisco.


What do you like to do for fun?

This question made me laugh because I tell myself daily that I'm a fun person and make everything fun. The things that make me come alive would be surfing, pilates, and skydiving. Those are all solo activities. I need activities with people in my life, so whenever I can get some time and friends together we hit up Disneyland or kick it at the beach for some good hangs, bonfires, and worship nights.


What inspires you?

The fire in my soul lights up when I see people who are free. They know themselves inside and out and don't give a “rip” what anyone thinks of them. They are pursuing Jesus and their dreams holding nothing back. That inspires me!


What is a fun/quirky/interesting fact about you?

I like to say I'm your all American girl who likes to get down and dirty. I grew up with a father who is passionate about hunting and fishing. So majority of my childhood was spent out in the mountains with my dad hunting. Friday night I would be full hair and make-up done for some beauty event and Saturday morning I am in the mountains with my dad bear hunting.


We hear you’re quite the skydiver? Tell us about it.

I have had big dreams ever since I was a little girl. I even used to tell my friends I would get married skydiving. It wasn't until God spoke to me when I was 19 to go after it that my desires started to become a reality. I love thrill seekers and wanted to be apart of the action. But there was a grace on my life to do it for more than just myself. I got to build community with people who feel the same. I used to go every paycheck I got. 2 years I spent in the sky loving people and loving the life in the sky!


What are you favorite CrushEyes sunnies and why?

I really vibe the Carabela frames. It just makes me feel famous. Know that feeling when you put on sunnies and you just feel like you can carry yourself differently. It's like your confidence meters goes up. So whenever I want to feel extra cool in public I throw those shades on!

Feel free to follow Jamie for more of her awesome posts on Instagram here – Jamieeastonn