Be Free with Artist Gabriel Prusmack

Meet Gabriel Prusmack, a modern artist working with the spray paint, materials, and a positive mindset to create uplifting murals in big cities. Inspired by Jesus and the action sports lifestyle, he is able to create art the allows him to be free and express himself in ways that definitely caught our attention so we decided to get to know him a little better! 


Gabriel grew up in the Gulf Coast in Texas where his love for God and surfing was born. He is a passionate, fun and joyful artist that wants to share his message of what is means to Be Free with the world. 


What got you into art?

I started doing graffiti art with spray paint when I was fifteen years old. I picked up a can while visiting my brother in Venice, California and have not stopped since. To be honest, being a kid as an adult has kept me into art. I find that kids are naturally drawn to doing something creative. For me, remaining in that mindset is the key.



What inspires your art?

Colors, having fun, Jesus, new ideas from experimenting, observing other people paint (no matter the skill level), being free and being thankful for that freedom is an inspiration. I love seeing reactions to revelation. I recently explained to my neighbor about what it means to be free and the identity of being set free by Christ Jesus because He made us new. My neighbor has now picked up painting and now I'm inspired again. 



You've done a lot of pieces, any that stand out to you?

Probably the Love Big, Be Free piece on Moe's corner store. It's a self reflection to love people and live with passion freely.

We love that you are always repping out brand, what's your favorite product?
All Rove product is sick! But I have to say the goggles are probably the best. I wear them on a weekly basis, even when I'm not snowboarding. 


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Well Jesus is the answer to everything and if you get closer to Him he will come closer to you. Also, don't be afraid to be a kid again and look for challenges in life instead of being comfortable all the time. And oh yeah, BE FREE!

To check out more of Gabriel's art and follow along with his positive message check out his site or follow him on IG @gapsmack87