Kreedom & CrushEyes Love Story – Ft. The Wood Collection

Meet Kasia & Sy – pretty much the most adorable love story in North County, San Diego! These two have been best friends almost their entire lives and are soon to be newlyweds and were the perfect pair to show off our entirely new 2019 Wood Temples Collection available in both Kreedom and Crusheyes styles!


They've known each other since they were babes, introduced by their parents with the pictures to prove it! Through their teenage years they stayed good friends despite Sy moving across the country to Florida for almost a decade. After moving back they reconnected, unaware they were soon to fall in love and ultimately tie the knot and seal their love forever!  We are so happy for our Crush & Kreedom family members on their exciting upcoming marriage – Congrats Kasia and Sy and thanks for sharing your story and rocking our new wooden frames!

Our Premium Wood Temple collection, like Kasia and Sy, are a fun-loving marriage between two great things to become something even better together. This collection blends our traditional premium frame styles from our modern essentials with hand-polished natural wood temples to create something entirely new with a natural feel and look.



When I first introduced Kasia to the Wood Collection her first reaction was, "they have a fun, summery, beachy look! They are comfortable to wear yet super stylish." Which is a perfect fit for their typical day of hanging in Kasia's beautiful Hawaiian inspired backyard followed by a walk to their favorite local coffee shop, Captain's Grounds. Her favorite pair is currently the Lotus in Black with Brown Wood and Sy's is the Timber in Tortoise and Brown wood.

While tagging along on Kasia and Sy’s typical Saturday we got to catch up with them a bit. So grab a coffee and walk with us...

Us: Tell us a little about yourselves! How did you two meet?

Kasia: Sy and I have known each other since we were babies! Our parents were good friends when they were newlyweds! Sy moved to Florida for 10 years and we got reconnected at High school summer camp! From there, Sy and I stayed good friends and built a fun friendship! We went to a private christian college together and in that same year, Sy’s older brother married one of my best friends.

Us: Tell us about your love story?

Sy: After school, we hadn’t seen each other for over a year, and got reconnected at a mutual friends birthday. We hung out that weekend and went cliff jumping in Laguna Beach. From that day forward, I was certain I had feelings for her. We started dating two weeks later and within 5 months we were engaged!

Us: What do you love the most about your relationship?

Kasia: The thing we appreciate the most is that our relationship was based on the sweetest friendship and tons of fun! Along with having Jesus as the center of it!

Us: What does a typical day look like for you?

Kasia: We skate together, hike, swim, dance, and just just about anything else under the sun! We enjoy active days, but the sweetest of times are when we get to hang at my house in South Oceanside and at coffee shops down the street!

We love stories like Kasia & Sy's and catching up with people behind the (sunglass) lens! This is a story of hope! You never really know what could happen. You might just have known your future spouse all along!