#BuiltToGoAnywhere - Introducing ROVE by Kreedom

What is that thing that’s inside all of us - that innate and incessant itching - begging us to explore, to wander, to adventure?

Think about it, when is the last time you booked a flight and skipped the country? You would think daydreaming was left to only those stuffed up in a suit at their 9-to-5 but that isn’t true. Even us, the guys constantly on the road, camping and seeking the next destination, sit and daydream of what else is out there. The freedom and discovery from exploring this big beautiful world has an intoxicating allure for everyone. Before social media and thrill seekers there were the original explorers that paved the path of finding new roads and uncharted waters. If you are anything like us you want to do those exact same things – find the backroads or hidden spots, whether that means hopping a plane across to Indo, sleeping in the desert, or even just getting your truck a little muddy - we want to see it all.

We were sitting around talking about past adventures down in Baja and up to Tahoe and thinking about what we brought with us. Some of us can’t go anywhere without our boards or our cameras, but one thing was certain between all of us - we couldn’t leave home without our favorite pair of shades.

While the daydreaming was nostalgic and fun this led us to a realization. We needed to design and create something that embodied our stories, something that was needed on our every adventure, that’s why we have made maybe one of our greatest collection of shades yet – ROVE Polarized - A line of shades truly #BuiltToGoAnywhere.

verb \ ‘rōv \

Definition of ROVE roved; roving
Intransitive verb : vigorous and sometimes purposeful roaming
Transitive verb : to wander through or over

The ROVE collection is a premium polarized assortment of unique frame styles from Kreedom Eyewear that will let you wander as you see fit. ROVE is built with 2.0 polycarbonate polarized lenses and frame materials of the highest quality. Aimlessly go about from place to place with or without a plan or even a definite purpose. Find your own path and roam freely knowing you have the protection you need and quality you deserve.



The ideal travel shade needs to be sturdy enough to withstand even the toughest adventure but sleek enough to style anywhere. So with this standard in mind we’ve forged an entirely new line of Kreedom frames with premium lightweight metals, polarized lenses for optimal clarity, and top of the line designs.

These shades were built with a few key things in mind - durability, lightweight, quality, and an immaculate fit. We are so confident about them that we are offering a LIFETIME Warranty. We believe that we all have an adventurer within us and we shouldn’t have to break the bank to snag a quality pair of shades to accompany us.


This collection is the perfect travel companion for whatever adventure you wander into next.
Coming Soon - ROVE - June 4, 2018