Smile, Sparkle, and Shine with Hayley McBride

Inspiring, happy and confident, are just some of the words we’d use to describe one of our favorite CrushEyes girls, Hayley McBride. She has been busy over the past year working to bring positivity and joy to her platform to connect with people from all over the world. 

Recently, we caught up with the CrushEyes Brand Ambassador for a little Q & A as part of Ambassador Wednesdays, wherein we talk about what inspires her, travel, and style:

Where are you from? - tell us a little about yourself.

-I grew up in Laguna Beach and when I got married two years ago, I moved to Rancho Mission Viejo. I’ve always lived in SoCal, I grew up going to Disneyland and singing Disney songs, I may live in SoCal, but I would like to live in a musical!


How did you get into blogging?

-I started posting about experiences and brands that inspire me about a year ago and it has really taken off, the response has been so amazing. I want my page to be a place where people could find joy if they are having a rough day, where they could be inspired to go on an adventure, or they could read a quote that really speaks to them. People often compare themselves to what they don’t have on social media, I want my page to give to others instead of take. 


That’s so awesome. What has been the most exciting part of this journey?

- The people! I have been so blessed by the people I have met through Instagram, they have become some of my best friends and without this platform, I would not have met them. I have been able to plan events with these new friends and connect in ways I never have. I have also been able to use my page as a creative outlet, which has been so fun! I have been able to experiment in photography and editing and am really enjoying it.

What inspires you?

-Like I said, I grew up singing and dancing to Disney songs. I love music and dancing and feel so inspired and free blasting music and singing along to my favorite songs. Right now, those are San Francisco by Courier, Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran, and Oceans by Hillsong. When she’s feeling nostalgic, you can find her jamming out to Forever by Chris Brown.


What are you favorite CrushEyes sunnies and why?

I really love the Palomino frames. They are so cute and fit perfect! I especially love that all your pairs say “You are beautifully made” on the inside. It makes me happy and I feel that CrushEyes is a company that embodies that perfectly. It’s a verse that has inspired me since I was a little girl, to wear it daily brings me joy.

 Feel free to follow Hayley for more of her awesome posts on Instagram here – @hayleymariemcbride