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Celebrating 10 years of CrushEyes goggle designs, establishing the best in class benchmark for quality and function.

Introducing our NEW CrushEyes Montagne MAGNA10 Magnetic Interchange system. In the MAGNA10 system we provide 10 points of magnetic contact - ensuring a new level of grip-tight frame-to-lens security. Keeping our lenses securely in place through the most aggressive action or weather conditions.

For 2020, our new CrushEyes Montagne frame features a spherical lens, providing distortion free lenses in our widest range of base tints and Visual Light Transmission VLT% rates. Ensuring the highest level of visual performance, protection, and comfort in all conditions. All lenses come with scratch resistant and reflective coatings that meet all US FDA/EU/CE UV consumer standards. 

Our CrushEyes Montagne frame is designed and built with Dual-Pane 2-Lens Gasket Construction - using an impact resistant Polycarbonate exterior lens coupled with an inner anti-fog gasket lens construction.  

For comfort and fit - we use a Triple-density face-fit foam combined with hypoallergenic foam and fleece layers. For helmet compatibility, all goggles are engineered to ensure maximized ventilation and air flow, guaranteeing effective exterior and interior air pathways.


All of our eyewear provide UV400 protection, blocking over a whopping 99% of UVA and UVB light rays.

So rock ‘em proud knowing we’ve got you covered!

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