Professional Surfer + Artist | @davitoledoo
San Clemente, CA (Hometown: Ubatuba, Sao Paolo, Brazil)

Inspirations: "Definitely my family and my friends. They have helped me get inspired and stay focused."

Most Memorable Adventure: "Bali and Australia with my brother and dad for the WSL contest. Watching my brother get second place at Bells live was insane too. I got to surf different waves and immerse in different cultures. That has definitely kept me driven for the future."

Best Advice Ever Received: "Don't ever fear you dream! God has a plan for you, so wait on it and get ready for it. WE HAVE TIME."

Random Fact: "My house never runs out of Fu Wax! Also, Kreedom has got the best shades in the game!"


Professional Surfer & DJ | @namorcayres
San Clemente, CA (Hometown: Salvador, Bahia , Brasil)

Inspirations: "My parents. My mom has always been a surfer and my dad a DJ, so I have always looked up to them and just followed their footsteps."

Most Memorable Adventure: "Surfing 6 ft. Rock Point in Hawaii by myself and losing my board on the first wave. After that, I took six huge sets on my head and nearly drowned. I luckily made it to the shore alive and learned my lesson that the ocean and nature are super powerful and we all should respect it."

Best Advice Ever Received: "Don't make decisions based on initial emotion. Take time to think things through calmly, before acting."

Random Fact: "I love boosting airs and getting barreled. It's the best feeling in the world.


Artist, Musician, Surfer, & Skater | @brian_bent
San Clemente, CA 

Inspirations: "I used to skateboard down a hill that would lead me to a 7-Eleven in my neighborhood – I kept thinking my windbreaker would slow me down. I got really good at carving and I always liked looking at surf magazines. The inspiration for my art comes from the past and what it might’ve been like back then. "

Best Advice Ever Received: "The thing that brings me the most happiness is knowing that whatever I go through, or what attacks my brain or tries to slip in to my thoughts, I know the Lord is there to help me through all of it."

Random Fact: "My favorite thing to eat is probably macaroni and cheese, hotdogs and pork and beans."

*Photo by Titus Haug


Founder of Lost Ark Surfboards | @lostarksurfboards
Encinitas, CA

As an Encinitas native, Noah was born and bred to be an expert waterman. He's been lucky enough to enjoy surfing up and down the coast of California to Baja his whole life. In combo with his artistic talent, it only made sense that he began shaping and glassing his own line of boards. He spends his days in the studio handcrafting unique designs that not only ride like magic, but also look like true works of art in the water. 

Motto: "Take life slow, don't rush, and try to make the most of every day."   


Artist & Surfer | @gapsmack87
Galveston, TX

Inspirations: "Went to Los Angeles a lot as a teenager and Tiki Jay One, a wheat paste, graffiti artist really inspired me to cut out and spray stencils. Jesus Christ inspires me to keep the passion of creating constantly."

Most Memorable Adventure: "Most memorable adventure is a surf strike mission to the east coast to follow a Nor'easter for incredibly good surf with friends."

Best Advice Ever Received: "Humility precedes honor. Probably the best advice given to me early on as a teenager."

Advice For All: "You're going to get older, so you might as well continue to be a kid and keep the stoke alive! Learn to play again, as if you were kid. Never stop wondering."


Van Lifer | @liveforadvanture
Wherever the Wind Takes Him

Inspirations: "Living the nomadic life style gives me a chance to be free. Traveling and experiencing new places and meeting new people really makes me feel like I’m living. It gives me the chance to do everything that I love, from filmmaking to wakeboarding, whenever I want."

Most Memorable Adventure: "My favorite adventure is impossible to choose. Tough pick between driving Hwy 1 from Oregon to California, hiking through the Grand Tetons, Wakeboarding through the flooded streets of Charleston, SC, or meeting fellow van lifers at a meet up, each day is an adventure for us."

Best Advice Ever Received: "Don’t wait until you're retired to live because life is short."


Adventurer & Co-Founder of New Frontier Brand | @joshuaravenscraft
Eastern, Kentucky