Imagine being able to give someone the gift of sight.  To provide a fellow human with a simple tool that would now allow them to read the pages of a book, perform skills that could provide family income such as knitting or sewing, read directions for taking important medications or simply give the ability to see a photo of a loved one.

To answer this crisis of vision, KREEDOM™ Eyewear has created the WE SEE YOU Initiative by harnessing the principle and power of paying our blessings forward through donations. As Christians, we practice giving a portion of what we have to support our faith and to express our love for God.

For every ten pair of frames sold, KREEDOM™ will donate one pair of 1Lens Reader glasses to someone in need. The WE SEE YOU Initiative will enable us to distribute the gift of sight with our reading glasses to as many individuals and groups as possible—quickly and easily.